Team Atticus!Edit

Task: Imagine you are Atticus' registrar. You have received various information and evidence about Mayella Violet Ewell and Tom Robinson. To you, Tom Robinson is innocent. He can't be guilty. and Atticus Finch is the only man that can prove it. As such, you would need to make use of the evidence to help him prove his case. Your job is to search for various supporting documents to prove Tom's innocence. Furthermore, you need to search for evidence to disprove Mayella's case. In groups of 5, you need to sieve through the internet for "evidence" (eg. Doctor's reports etc). The novel should provide hints as to what kinds of evidence would help you. Your findings should comprise of both photographic and and documented evidence and should be put in the space below. Also, below each piece of "evidence" you are to include a short write-up/ caption which explains how this would show Tom's innocence/ Mayella's guilt. After which, send one representative up; Tom Robinson's Trial will begin.

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