The Trial of Tom Robinson: Guilty or Not Guilty?Edit

Earlier this year, we have learnt about issues of White supremacy and prejudice in the USA. The novel is set in America's dark past.You are to conduct research (more information in the respective tabs) to prove your stand. 

The questions below should guide your research:

To kill a mockingbird brock peters

  • Why must Tom Robinson go to jail? Is it really because he is guilty?
  • Is Tom guilty of anything? 
  • What is meant by Black and White?
  • Is there no way for them to live in peace?

Also, after the lesson, each individual is to submit a reflection depicting your feelings towards either racism, the novel as a whole, the trial scene, the ending of the novel, Mayella Ewell, the Ewells or any other area that may interest you. Your reflection should be at least 150 words long and is to be submitted at the "comments" section of this page. Your reflection is due 3 days after the lesson.

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